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I’ve been practicing yoga for over 10 years now. When I first started working with Laura I felt she was a complete natural. She has a wonderfully warm soothing tone, deep understanding of asanas and has helped me to develop my breathing practice through pranayama practices. Her classes are carefully considered, each with a particular focus and intention. They’ve allowed me to go deeper into poses and develop an awareness of being in the present moment. I find that I carry this with me into the rest of my day. Laura is an enthusiastic, compassionate and supportive tutor and I recommend her classes wholeheartedly.


Having never tried yoga, I was rather hesitant and unsure of what to expect from my first session. However, Laura was both patient and welcoming to put my mind at ease. Furthermore, she had clearly put plenty of thought into what would be best and most beneficial to me based on my profession and day to day activities. I highly recommend her.


During lockdown, like many other people, I was feeling particularly stressed and fed up with everything. I was missing my old life and finding it very difficult to sleep at night because of anxiety. I had a yoga session with Laura and that night, for the first time in a long time, I really slept well. I found Laura to be encouraging, cheerful, patient and a very knowledgeable Yoga instructor and I will certainly be booking in for more sessions. Highly recommended.


Had my first lesson with Laura today, it was fantastic! She made me feel at ease very quickly and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole session. I even managed to get into some positions I wouldn't have thought I would be able to. As a senior I really enjoyed it and although it wasn't stressful I know I benefitted a great deal. Thank you Laura




Laura is a delight, she is a sensitive, kind, inspirational woman who helps you feel better emotionally and physically through her teaching of yoga


I am totally new to yoga and extremely inflexible! I was worried I'd be twisting all over the place and wouldn't be able to keep up.

Before we did anything Laura took the time to find out all about me and what I wanted to get out of the sessions.

Our sessions are absolutely fantastic, for the first 10 minutes I struggle to focus, but with breathing exercises tailored to me, i get into the zone and by the end of the hour I feel a really weird mix of totally relaxed and yet fully energised and ready to take on anything.


My programme is completely tailor made which is invaluable, Laura knows my priorities and she tailors each session perfectly, when I am particularly busy and need to slow down she adds more breath work and a longer shavasana, she also knows that I occasionally get a bad back and if I am suffering she focuses on strengthening and posture poses. 


I absolutely love that yoga is transformative for the mind and body, toning up and keeping in shape is a very welcome bonus to what feels like an hour of bliss and therapy. If you haven't tried it yet, please do! It will change your life!

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