Having never tried yoga, I was rather hesitant and unsure of what to expect from my first session. However, Laura was both patient and welcoming to put my mind at ease. Furthermore, she had clearly put plenty of thought into what would be best and most beneficial to me based on my profession and day to day activities. I highly recommend her 

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As a busy working Mum of a toddler, I seem to always have a thousand thoughts racing through my mind and it's challenging to find time for myself. Yoga, to me feels like pressing the reset button. By having regular sessions booked with Laura I am committed to attending and it forces me to make the time for me, I find that the moment I sit on my mat at the start of each session I start to unwind and by the end I honestly feel like a different person. I feel clear headed and completely energised, ready to tackle anything! 


My programme is completely tailor made which is invaluable, Laura knows my priorities and she tailors each session perfectly, when I am particularly busy and need to slow down she adds more breath work and a longer shavasana, she also knows that I occasionally get a bad back and if I am suffering she focuses on strengthening and posture poses. As someone who doesn't particularly enjoy exercise, I am now quite addicted to the feeling of stretching and some of the positions feel incredible. 


I absolutely love that yoga is transformative for the mind and body, toning up and keeping in shape is a very welcome bonus to what feels like an hour of bliss and therapy. If you haven't tried it yet, please do! It will change your life!


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